6 Awesome Tips for Better Traveling

Looking to get more traveling done this year? That’s great. However, there are constant questions that crop up time and again, and thankfully, we finally have the answers to those. Without wasting more time, it’s time to give you a quick insight into how you can hack traveling and make the most out of your trips.

1. Slashing Traveling Costs

Today you can travel cheap and quick, relying on great companies that have proven their worth on the international air travel market. Europe has become particularly inter-connected thanks to at least two developments – the European Union, the world’s most successful political project to date, and the fact that distances are short, but each new city and country has many things to see. Hence, cheap air travel is a fairly easy thing to enjoy and you should.

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2. Booking the Best Accommodation at No Big Expense

Looking to enjoy comforts while on your journey? You needn’t spends thousands for that. A great accommodation in places like Malta and even Barcelona can be had for less than $700 for up to five nights and for a group of people. This means that if you are traveling with others, the costs that you will need to pay are much, much lower than going it on your own ,which is why we consider this advice to be particularly important.

3. Know Where You Are Going

To really get things going, you will want to make sure that you have done your initial research. In a world when our smartphones help us navigate the world at ease, it’s easy to understand why we are not very concerned about getting lost, for example.

However, doing an initial research will help you plan your time better and allow you to enjoy more sights rather than having to do with meaningless everyday issues. A simple example we could give you is the time when we went to Malta. We couldn’t pay by card in the bus, for example,and as it turned out, the public transport was not very common, leaving us stranded for a while.

4. Focus on Budget Destinations First

To see the most you can, you might want to focus on budget, but quality destinations first. There are many such places around Europe, and needless to say, even more cool spots all around Europe. It’s not all that difficult to find them and you will certainly be very appreciative of the opportunity.

5. Make Sure You Are Rested for Your Holiday

The best lice hack when traveling we can give you is to always make sure that you are well-rested in the first place. Some people like to save up time on that and they launch themselves on a journey right after work, for example, but the truth is that you might actually benefit from traveling the next day.

After all, you don’t want to spend your holiday lying in bed the whole day, and this is precisely why having a good night’s sleep is always a good idea. Not being rested may cause some disruptions in your natural rhythm and you don’t want to be subjected to that. If you do experience some experience in your sex drive, you can buy Kamagra online.

6. Consider Traveling by Car

Traveling by car is certainly a great way to see new things. Some families take road trips together. They go from one country to the next and show their kids around the world. When you travel by car, things are indeed way more personalized, and depending on the make of your car, they can get quite comfortable, too.

Judging from our own experience traveling around the world, changing modes of transportation is often fun and it will be even better for the envrionment, although you would need to use a CO2 calculator to see if air travel is actually the worse options.

Final Thoughts on Traveling Like a Procedures

There is more helpful things to consider. For instance, try not packing too much luggage. A ten kilo suitcase should last you for a week without having to do any washing up. If you combine this with a backpack, that’s even better. Some travelers really can’t be bothered with even bringing a suitcases. There are certainly quite a few upsides to traveling light and if you are really the type of perso to seek thrill and adventure, then bringing a lot of personal belongings won’t be uppermost on your mind.

6 Personality Tricks To Become Attractive To Everyone Else

We all know that life doesn't come with instruction – you simply have to live it day after day and learn from each single moment of your existence. Everything contributes to give you a life lesson, your role is to keep your mind open to that life lesson.

irresistible smileJust Increase Your Charme To Look Attractive

It's a matter of fact that many people feel unsure about their personality, they often feel like missing that "special touch" of charme and of attractiveness. Well, yeah, becoming a completely attractive and successful person in life is one of the hardest things to achieve. Your quality of life might seriously depend from the way you can attract the others to you. In the professional field, the more you talk, move and look attractive, the more chances you have to acquire new partners, new customers and clients. Same goes for all types of social relationships.

What makes you really attractive? Either you believe or not, it's not the way you look like. It's your charme, a complex power made of body movements, glances, tone of voice and way of speaking. It's something that you can't buy anywhere, but that you can still learn to discover in yourself and to increase it over time.

Life Tricks To Find Out The "Best Yourself"

Charming people are always successful people – so, your goal should be to learn how you can look more charming to the others. It's not about putting on a mask, it's about boosting the "best yourself" that you already have!

If you want to be more successful in your life and become the most attractive individual that you ever happened to meet, just focus on these powerful hacks to improve your personality:Oscar Wilde's quote about charming people

  1. Smile.
    Have you ever thought about what makes people look beautiful? It's their smile. People feel attracted by smiling faces, as a result your relationships become easier and more spontaneous. Our tip is to smile in all situation, in a gentle way, feeling at ease at each smile.

  2. Don't take yoursel too seriously!
    This is connected to the previous point: began to feel ok with your life and your body… nobody is perfect and you don't have to look perfect! Just show the best yourself that you have, just the way you are. Another tip is to improve your humor as people love those who can make a joke and laugh at themselves.

  3. Self-esteem.
    This is a very important point. Many people can't be successful because they don't have a good self-esteem. So, our tip here is to encourage yourself and to do the thing that you believe to be the best. Throw away your insecurity and believe in what you do. When people see someone who is self-confident, they tend to follow and to trust that person in return.

  4. Life goals and happiness.
    Set a number of life goals or even one only life goal and work for that. Focus on what makes you happy, because that's what you will be able to do the best way. People who go ahead towards their goals are naturally attractive and enjoy a good reputation.

  5. Self-discipline.
    Another key to personal success consists in taking care of yourself. Consider your way to choose clothes, to match colors and to comb your hair. These elements contribute to your self-discipline and personal care. As more as you are in control of yourself, the other will feel they can trust you. Focus on achieving a good emotional impact on the others.

  6. Respect.
    If you want to exude attractiveness, make sure to treat people with respect. Respectful and polite people are actually immediately attractive to others. When you are in a conversation, be interested in what people have to say to you and make people feel at ease with you. Encourage the others, listen to their words and be friendly to everyone.

Becoming a winning person in life is not a privilege for only a small elite of lucky individuals – it's something that you can learn day after day. It's just like when you start to play poker: the first day you play you can't win anything because you need more experience, but as you go and train your hidden skills, you can start to win big rewards.

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Basic Tips For Making Your Own Halloween Costume

While there is a wide array of choices right here on our website, browsing our pages might just give you some inspiration for a Halloween or dress-up party costume that you could do yourself. The truth is if you are looking to be original and have everyone want to take pictures with you, a DIY costume is your ticket to success.

Sure it sounds like a real hassle and you probably don't have the time, energy and skills for it. However, lots of people who were sharing your disbelief gave it a try anyway and ended up with the most surprising, glamorous, funny or special costumes for their parties. Pinterest is filled with pictures that speak louder than words, so if you don't believe us, feel free to see for yourself! You could also google “DIY costumes” and dive into the sea of ideas you will come across.diy costume ideas

If you have already thought about a cool idea you would like to at least try and bring to life, all you need to do is make the time to buy the materials you are going to need and set yourself the best time for getting started.

To come to your help, here are a few useful tips and basic guidelines that can come in handy.

Set Clear Boundaries

It could be anything from not being able to or not wanting to work with a sewing machine and only using glue or a needle and thread for the amount of work you are willing to put into your new costume. If you are in a hurry, you could throw something together last minute; if you want something more complex and eye-catching, you will need to work around your schedule to bring it up a level.

Once you will figure out the amount and type of work you are willing to put into your costume, it is time to choose an idea for your costume.

Find The Inspiration You Need

It could come from a recent book you have been reading and one of the characters there to a superhero movie you love, a TV show or a dream you keep having. Sky's the limit when it comes to the creativity you can use to DIY your own dress-up costume. If you have a superhero, a villain or a cartoon character you have always loved, now is the time to show just how big your love or obsession for them truly is.

You could also think about the current events in your life, or on the political, Hollywood, pop or YouTube scene and find your inspiration there. You could dress up as PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber on the planet, Ellen DeGeneres or Lady Gaga at the Met Gala. Be bold, your costume will definitely draw all the attention on you.

You could talk to a few of your friends and dress up as The Rolling Stones or Twenty One Pilots if you plan on making some group costumes. Kim and Kanye or the Harry Potter characters could all make for incredibly fun costume ideas, and if you have a hobby you absolutely love, you could also take advantage of that. For example, if you love to fix simple locks around the house as often as you can, you could dress up as a handyman or a locksmith. Accessories are important here, so make sure you grab a toolbox, maybe a cap that reads “#locksmith” and anything else you can think of. If you need some inspiration or help with an actual issue with car locks or around the house, you could call https://get-locksmith.com and schedule an appointment. You will not only make your home safe again, but you will also get to see what an actual locksmith wears at the job.

Choose The Right Materials

    • Go to a local arts and crafts shop and search for the best materials and accessories for your costume ideas. Ask for help if you are not sure what fabric would best work for you and make sure you select one that is fairly easy to work with.

    • If there is some sewing involved, see that you choose a fabric that is easy to manipulate in a sewing machine, especially if you do not have a lot of experience.

    • Consider opting for felt if you have two left hands and you cannot sew, as this is a fabric that can be easily stapled or glued together with a simple glue gun.

    • You could also opt for cotton, as it is another good alternative that is easy to sew by hand.

    • Know your exact measurements so you can buy enough material.

    • Tiaras, crowns, feathers, glitter, tails, wigs – focus on getting the right accessories to complete your costume.


9 Exceptional Life Hacks That Will Save You Money On Shopping

Today's world is made of economy and numbers. In just one word, today we all live under the pressure of financial issues. Money is never for granted, a sudden change in our lifestyle or of our work will mean for us to have to face unthinkable problems.

Monthly expenses in darkest financial conditions can easily transform our life into a nightmare over night… so, our goal is to help you save as much money as you can on your daily routine. Saving money is actually the best solution to still enjoy the opportunity to live just the way we want to live, without to give up all of our pleasures, hobbies and entertainments.

Sounds Like You Want To Learn More…

Money-saving hacks are a strong helping tool in our life. Probably, you've never needed to learn how to save money or how to utilize your money in a more effective way, but if you are here that's surely because something changed in the meanwhile and you need a bunch of handful hacks to make the most from your money! So, here we are. Ready to learn more?

  1. If you are one of the millions of people who like to purchase items via the web, make sure to clear your browsing history. In fact, certain e-commerce platforms or online businesses tend to raise prices on the base of your information about your previous purchases. New customers are, on the opposite, offered better prices.

  2. If you are more traditionalist and you still prefer to go shopping to local stores, avoid to use credit cards. When you have to pay, just use cash money. This hack will help avoid to spend more money than you actually have in your hands!

  3. According to a psychology research, it seems that people tend to spend less money if they carry large bills, while people who carry smaller bills feel more comfortable to spend money. It's like if you may feel sorry to use a $50 bill because you have to break it, but you won't "suffer" that much if you have a $10 bill.shopping

  4. Some people are crazy for shopping – and that includes not only women! We won't tell you that you have to give up any opportunity to buy something that you like. We simply suggest you to buy at the end of the month. In the meanwhile, you have to wait without to spend money. Take your time to seriously think about buying or not buying a certain item, you will see that not always you really need to buy everything that you like.

  5. Stay off from expensive stores. That's a really basic life hack which will save you much money. But if you really want to buy that thing, see if you can find it elsewhere. For example, on eBay or on another site or local store where you can save money. Official brand stores are usually a little more expensive than privately owned smaller stores.

  6. It's true that wearing designer clothes is a really great thing. But that would eat all of your money in a short span of time. Look into imitation of brand names, you will find decent clothes that look very similar to brand named ones for a very affordable price.

  7. Often times when you are in a store looking for clothes, you might feel attracted by millions items. And you might easily forget that you already have same/similar clothes in your wardrobe. Think about your face when you come back home and find out that you have now two very similar clothes! Keep calm when in a store and think twice before to buy.

  8. Coupons and special discounts are a really money-saving resource. You can get them as a registered member on specific e-commerce platforms, sites and also as a loyal customer of certain large stores.

  9. Remember that as long as you take care of your clothes, you won't have to buy new ones – which is a great way to save on clothes shopping!

Finally, try to avoid to buy in crowded stores because it's been estimated that people tend to buy more in such conditions. It's like if you fear that other people might buy all the clothes that you like. People who could win real money by playing online casino games are renamed for being passionate clothes shoppers. All you have to do is to choose your ideal online casino, learn the game rules and have fun!

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10 Steps to Manage Your Time Efficiently

It’s true that our everyday life is made of 24 hours, but this truth doesn’t mean that you have to feel discouraged because you don’t have “enough” time to do all the things that you like! You can actually learn how to manage your own time in a more productive way, so that you will find the necessary time to do more things every day.

Time management is the way you utilize your time focusing on your productivity. As you can see, the concept of time management is closely related to the idea of productivity. You can measure the results of the way you manage your time from what ytou can actually do within that time.

Get Ready To Change The Way You Manage Your Time

Your goal is to make the most of your 24-hour long day, which would give you a stronger happiness, more self-confidence and a completely positive attitude to life in general.

In fact, when you see that you can achieve more goals in the same amount of time, you feel immediately happy with yourself. So, it’s now time to see what can improve your life and give you the unique taste of happiness and success!

  1. Create a time table – it’s important to organize your time in advance, so you will know how much you can do of it. There are appropriate apps that you can download from the web or, if you prefer traditional means, you can take a paper and a pencil and draw your personal time table.

  2. Define your results – before to start an action or a daily task, know in advance what results you are actually looking for. Even in the workplace, determine your results, so your team members won’t waste time with useless actions.

  3. Time limits – if you want to boost your 24 hours, you need to cutoff all useless wastes of time. Now, you have to know that the most effective way to reduce wastes of time is to put time limits to your daily tasks or work tasks. Stay within your time limits and avoid all potential distractions, because they also are a dangerous cause of waste of time.

  4. Week planning – for many people planning the week on Sunday results to be a good strategy to fight against all possible wastes of time. In fact, between an action and the next one some waste of time might even occur. It’s fundamental for you to have a clear and precise week plan.

  5. Daily plan – along with a week plan you should consider to prepare also a day plan. Make your day plan the day before. There are also specific day planner that you can buy for this.time management

  6. Done list – it’s important that you feel satisfied with your time management. So, add a “done” list to your to-do list in your week plan. Every time that you will mark an action as “done”, you will immediately feel more self-confident and happier.

  7. Task priority – if you want to give each daily task the right weight and position in your time organization, it’s important that you give the most important and/or complicated tasks more priority than other tasks. Do most relevant tasks in the morning, as you are more focused and your mental energy allows you to work perfectly.

  8. Eliminate distractions – as said above, distractions aere dangerous elements in the time management. Every time that you get distracted by something or someone you are actually losing precious time. Have a look around yourself and see if you can eliminate distracting elements from your workplace or room.

  9. Multitask – many people think that they will save time if they can do more actions in the same time. Well, this is not always true. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that multitasking can reduce your quality standards. So, just organize your tasks one after one, without to feel in a hurry or to overdo things.

  10. Give yourself time! – this is our last tip for you. It’s important that you accept the idea to follow your own rhythm: don’t strive for perfection, just work and train your skills every day to improve over time. In fact, you can practice and improve every day like all poker players do.

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3 Genius Ways Of Making Money On The Web

Let's face it, no matter how big of a paycheck we may receive every month, the money never or rarely seems to be enough to satisfy all of our needs and desires. Unexpected expenses, medical bills, the unexplainable urge to invest in a new set of shoes that you have just spotted online, school trips for the kids – there's no telling what might come up and when. The secret to being able to handle all of these extra expenses comes from having some money put aside every month. If your budgeting skills are not the greatest, or you simply feel like you need to find some additional money sources, you've reached just the right page. You are going to discover a few of the most lucrative job ideas you could try online – since you are probably spending most of your free time in front of a computer or holding your internet-connected smartphone in one hand.

#1: Build A Niche Blogblog

If you have a rich imagination and you get quite creative with you ideas and advice, be it in terms of your friends' love life or for organizational purposes (closet/kitchen/home organization or cleaning), you are sitting under a genuine goldmine. You could create a niche blog and let your creative juices flow freely. People love learning cool life hack tricks that can simplify their existence and help them save precious time and energy.

You could also focus on giving out dating or business advice to your audience. These are also highly popular topics that will most likely help you build a decent audience in time. Starting a blog or creating your own website is free and can be done fast and without too much hassle. Make sure to incorporate affiliate marketing in order to actually make money.

Just focus on a specific niche you know you are good at and you will be able to create highly relevant and interesting content that will attract a bigger audience in time. Decide upon the best products or brands you could possibly create a partnership so you can make your idea even more lucrative. You can start by searching for profitable affiliate niches. Start with Amazon and rely on the Keyword planner so you can be sure you have come across a solid niche that is high in demand right now. You can also find plenty of other reliable affiliate networks that will let you connect with merchants searching for new affiliates.

#2: Become A YouTuber

Yes, it is an actual job/career path and you probably already have at least a couple of favorite YouTubers or vloggers you're watching as often as you can. All you need is a decent camera on your phone or a video camera and some fun ideas for a few videos. The more entertaining, informative, controversial or interesting you are, the quicker your success will come. Maybe you have a cute dog who does fun things, and you could capture it on camera. Or you could film your morning or evening routine, makeup or closet organization/room/home cleaning habits. You would be surprised to see just how many people are interested in watching other people clean their homes. ASMR videos are also a real hit right now for people who are looking to relax while listening to soothing tapping sounds or whispering in a mic. Yes, there is a niche for that and it's a profitable one!

You could also create daily vlogs and simply film yourself doing your regular routine and get paid for it. As soon as your number of subscribers will go up, YouTube will start to insert ads in your videos and pay you for your views. If you think you have some cool ideas that could attract the attention of tens of thousands of people, it's worth giving it a chance.

#3: Play Games And Get Paid

We are not referring to two different options here: becoming a game tester, or gambling for real money. If you already know what is the best online casino for real money, or you are still looking for guidance and fresh games to play and venues to join, start your search on places like canadian-casinos.org. They review and recommend some of the hottest, reliable and profitable casinos on the web. You can find all the information you need there and get started easily. You could also look for a job as a video game tester and get paid to find bugs in video games. Just make sure to first do some research and know exactly what to expect.

Kango Express & Shipping Cart

I tried to use Kango Express twice. I love the fact that there’s an alternative to Shipping Cart, but I may have to revert back to Shipping Cart, or probably experiment with another forwarder soon (I like having a lot of choices).

I’m not very fond of Kango Express’s “handling fees.” My first shipment had an additional $20 to the invoice. My second, $14.

I remember also having a similar issue with Shipping Cart & their insurance fees, but it was nothing compared to Kango Express’ handling fees.

I use a freelance forwarder which is a lot cheaper than Shipping Cart and Kango Express. However, I can only use this courier of mine if I’m sure that the merchant will not use a regular USPS box to ship my items (a big problem with 3rd party merchants in Amazon)

(My freelance forwarder doesn’t “consolidate” the packages, and will ship items in their original box. However, TSA strictly imposes that USPS boxes can only be used within the USA, so if a merchant sends a package for me in a USPS box, my forwarder will simply return the package to the merchant.)

Kango Express repacks my packages separately in little bags. Shipping Cart, on the other hand, will re-pack my items into one box.

I definitely prefer the single-box system of Shipping Cart — much neater, and less problems with unpacking the items.

Once, while I was opening a package from Kango Express, I accidentally cut through my item with my scissors because they use these very thin wrapping papers.

I also cannot stand the lack of tracking information of Kango Express. As soon as you’ve shipped your packages, it will stay “In Transit” forever.

With Shipping Cart, however, I do have an issue with how long it takes for them to update that a package has arrived (although they claim they can now do it within the day).

It also really irks me with Shipping Cart is that ever since they updated their website in December 2017, I can only view the mobile version of their website in Safari macOS. I would need to use either Firefox or Chrome for it to be rendered properly (and yes, I have reported the problem.

Kango Express

  • Limited tracking information
  • Expensive handling fees
  • Bad re-packaging of products

Shipping Cart

  • Takes a long time to update customer that a package has arrived
  • Website does not load properly if you use macOS Safari  

Sunscreen haul

Lupus & melasma means (1) using only mineral / physical sunscreen (2) that has a high SPF bec of photosensitivity, (3) that doesn’t cling to your dry patches caused by your medications, and (4) doesn’t make your tinted moisturizer or foundation pill.

My latest sunscreen haul includes:



Goodbye Korean skincare

As I get to know my skin, I slowly veer away (unconsciously) from Korean skin care products. When I look at my shelf, it’s now mostly Taiwanese, Japanese, Western & prescription products.

I’m grateful though for the entire K-Beauty industry as it was pivotal in opening the doors for me in getting to know more about skin care.

But having said that, I’ve been so far disappointed with the formulation of K products when compared to the likes of Japanese or Taiwanese skin care products. Possibly because K products seem more diluted, seem to have more fragrance than necessary, and seem to be more particular about packaging than anything else.

But another possible theory is that maybe my skin is just not yet ready for Korean skin care. Maybe they are really geared towards those with very few skin problems to begin with.

And I’m definitely not normal:

  • Melasma (a result of my Lupus medications, and further compounded by my pregnancy)
  • Extremely dry (with all the flakes and everything)
  • Sensitive
  • Wrinkled

But it’s not totally goodbye:

  • I still have Banila Co. Clean It Zero (although I’m just trying to finish it up)
  • I plan to try out Mizon’s peptide serum
  • I still love Tony Moly’s cute packaging (although I only buy them so that my toddler can play with them)
  • Trying out their Konjac sponge (but it’s too early to tell if it’s better than __)
    Currently loving their Espoire silicon sponge

Even if my workhorse skincare products is not anymore Korean, I still am one of its biggest fans.